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Project Small Talk is an innovative program designed for children in our community who would benefit from communication intervention, but whose families are faced with challenges accessing traditional services. Lack of insurance coverage and/or logistical hardships maintaining weekly therapy appointments can prohibit access to needed intervention. By combining a once a month treatment session with a detailed home-program, family training and mid-month phone conference, we are able to offer an effective, manageable and affordable pathway to success in early communication.

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We provide comprehensive communication assessments which evaluate early behavioral and pragmatic interaction skills, receptive and expressive language development, speech production/articulation and oral-motor function and coordination. A full written report is provided with each assessment.

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If you would like to participate in Project Small Talk's family-centered intervention program, fill out our easy online referral form to schedule an appointment. Area professionals may also refer a child and their family to our program with family consent. Please also fax recent Speech-Language Assessment to us at the time of referral if applicable.

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If you have any questions, feel free to read through or FAQ's and contact us with further questions. We consider it our privilege to serve families in the Charleston area.

Click the referral button if you are ready to schedule an appointment!

If you are located in another area of South Carolina and would like to see Project Small Talk come to your community, we would love to speak with you! Info@ProjectSmallTalk.com