Below you will find answers to the most common questions about the Project Small Talk Program:

I submitted the online referral form, when will someone call me to schedule our appointment?

We will make every effort to reach out to you within 2 business days of receiving your referral. We will then discuss schedule availability with you and set a time for your initial appointment.

My child had a recent Speech-Language Assessment but I don't have a copy of it, what should I do?

You can reach out to the clinic or organization that completed the assessment and either obtain a copy to fax to us or sign their release of information form and have them fax it to us.

Can I pick our appointment day and time?

Similar to when you schedule an appointment with your family doctor or dentist, we will offer available time slots in our schedule from which you may choose.

I work until 5 pm, are there evening or Saturday appointments?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer evening or weekend appointments. Because our program involves only 1 in-office appointment a month, we hope this assists in the logistics of coordinating your child's appointment time with your work schedule and other obligations.

Does our appointment day and time stay the same each month or does it change?

We make every effort to maintain a consistent treatment session day and time each month to help with the continuity of your child's home program as well as to assist you in advanced schedule planning.

I have other children, can I bring them to the appointment?

Absolutely. We are a family-friendly program and at times can even incorporate siblings (depending on age) into your child's communication home program.

Do I have to come to the appointment or can my sitter bring my child?

A caregiver (mom, dad, legal guardian, grandparent, other family member or sitter) may bring your child to their appointment. We work directly with your child as well as the adult who attends the monthly session to collaborate regarding the monthly home-program and to demonstrate recommended activities. This adult can then communicate relevant information with the other important caregivers in the child's life.

What if we can not make it to our scheduled appointment and need to cancel?

We ask that you provide at least 24 hours notification if you need to cancel, unless it is of course a last minute emergency. A $25 cancellation fee applies for no show treatment sessions. Your therapist will provide you with her direct mobile phone number if you need to communicate about a cancellation.

Can we reschedule a missed appointment?

If we have availability in the schedule to make-up a missed appointment we will be happy to do so.

What if I miss our mid-month phone conference, can I reschedule it?

We ask that you provide at least 24 hours notification if you need to cancel, unless it is of course a last minute emergency. Your therapist will provide you with her direct mobile phone number if you need to communicate about a cancellation and will make every attempt to reschedule your mid-month phone conference prior to your next in-office session.

What is the mid-month phone conference and how long does it take?

The mid-month phone conference typically averages from 15-30 minutes. It is an opportunity to go over progress or challenges since the last session, problem-solve any difficulties and modify goals or activities as warranted to keep things progressing at the most optimal level for your child.

What if I have questions prior to our mid-month phone conference?

The mid-month phone conference is reserved specifically for your questions and to make modifications to the monthly home program as needed. Make a note of your question(s) so that you can easily remember them during your phone conference.

Our insurance policy covers developmental speech and language services, will Project Small Talk file for us?

We do not file insurance. However, you may submit your monthly receipt to your insurance company and pursue reimbursement on your own. Many families also file receipts to apply toward their out of pocket deductible even though their policy does not cover a developmental speech-language delay.

How is a speech therapy session at Project Small Talk different from a speech therapy session at another agency?

Your treatment session at Project Small Talk differs from many agencies firstly in frequency, at only 1 session a month versus 1 session a week. Our program is also rooted completely in a family-centered training model to carry out specific home program goals throughout the month. In that regard, the caregiver is present in the therapy room for every session and is an active participant in the planning and activities. This level of direct family involvement is often more than what many other area therapy clinics offer in their current treatment models in which your child may be taken back alone for their session or caregivers attend, but act primarily in an observer role.

Will my child make sufficient progress coming to therapy just once a month instead of every week?

Current research in the area of early intervention indicates parent involvement and carry-over of goals to daily routines in the home environment as leading key factors in developmental progress. Because Project Small Talk has integrated these components directly into our program, we are confident that we have created an optimal opportunity to foster your child to communication success.

How long will we need to participate in Project Small Talk?

The goal of speech-language intervention is to bring your child's overall communication skills into a typical range for their age. This can take different amounts of time for different children. At any point during our program, families can assess service eligibility with organizations such as BabyNet (ages 0-3) or their local school district (age 3+). They may also transfer services or discontinue services in our program at their discretion.

Can Project Small Talk send the assessment they performed and my child's therapy records to another organization for me? (i.e., BabyNet, School System, Pediatrician, another therapy clinic, etc).

Yes. If you would like us to send your child's assessment or therapy records to another provider or agency, we will have you sign a Release of Information and will fax the information as requested.

If you have a question you couldn't find the answer to, please contact us.